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Galloni Heavy-Duty Fusus New
Galloni Heavy-Duty Fusus New

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Item #: 265-1380M

Incorporates state-of-the-art features for high-production casting of both platinum and gold with extremely fast cycle times (3 minutes for gold and just 60 seconds for platinum). Includes crucible kit (please specify gold or platinum) and flask cradle (please specify flask size). Available with choice of 60- or 100-cubic meter vacuum pump (sold separately). Backed by a one-year manufacturer's warranty. CE approved.

  • Casting chamber under full vacuum to radically enhance crucible life and to remove gases from the flask, minimizing or eliminating gas porosity.
  • After vacuuming, the casting chamber is flooded with inert gas to prevent oxidation of gold and platinum/cobalt alloys.
  • Medium-frequency induction melting with self-stirring effect for homogeneous melts.
  • Produces extremely dense castings.
  • Double-broken arm for straight trajectory of molten metal into flask.
  • All casting parameters are programmable and can be stored in memory, including metal temperature, arm speed, acceleration, vacuum pressure and gas pressure. Builds a library of casting programs linked to specific models and metals for repeatable results.
  • Semiautomatic and fully automatic cycles allow for operator experience and preference. In the automatic cycle, operator can set new parameters or choose a program stored in memory, then push one button to initiate the casting cycle. During the semiautomatic cycle, when temperature reaches the set point, operator can watch the melt and push the casting button when the metal is deemed ready.
  • All functions are controlled via a full-color computer touch screen that can be rotated and tilted for convenient positioning.
  • Two temperature control systems: immersion thermocouple for gold up to 2,100°F (1,150°C) and infrared optical pyrometer for platinum up to 3,800°F (2,100°C) ±2.5%.
  • Digital temperature display in °F or °C.
  • Optional state-of-the-art Land Instruments Dual-Color Optical Controller available for maximum temperature accuracy of platinum up to 3,800°F (2,100°C) ±1.0%. This fiber-optic pyrometer is designed for precise contact-free temperature measurement. Highly recommended for use with automatic cycle for platinum. Must be specified at time of order—not available for retrofit.
  • Computer-controlled PID adjusts power as metal temperature reaches set point to ensure accuracy and prevent overshoot.
This is a non-stock item. Please allow an extra 4 weeks for delivery.

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