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Torches & Soldering
Small bench torches, casting torches, water torch, PUK welders, and supplies for professional soldering and brazing.
Flux & Brushes Oxy/Gas Generators
Liquid & paste flux; borax & boric acid powder; anti-oxidizing flux; stone protection;  flux dispensers and flux brushes.
Airsep Oxygen Generators, G-TEC Natural Gas Boosters.
Picklers & Tongs PUK Welder
Ferris Pickle Pots, standard and citric acid pickling compounds, copper tongs.
PUK 3S Professional and Professional Plus Welders and accessories.
Solder Soldering Supplies
Gold, silver, palladium, and platinum solder in wire, sheet, and chip form; paste solder for soldering chain;  repair solder, Stay Bright & Tix┬« soft solder & flux.
Tweezers, third-hands, soldering boards & stands, solder picks, goggles & safety glasses, solder cutting tools, tanks & cylinders, binding wire, torch holders, and torch lighters.
Tanks & Regulators Torches & Tips
Regulators for acetylene, natural gas, propane, mapp gas, hydrogen, LP, and oxygen. Flashback arrestors & check valves, hoses & fittings. Tanks & cylinders.
Bench and casting torches from Smith, Hoke, Harris, Gentec, and Prest-O-Lite.  Torch tips and holders.