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Metal Melting
Melting furnaces from KerrĀ® and Accu-Melt. Stirring rods, ingot molds, borax. (For casting torches, see "Torches & Soldering".)
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Accu-Melt Furnace Borax Powder Carbon Stirring Rods
Ceramic Oval Stirring Rod Combination Sliding Ingot Mold Crucibles for Electric Melter Furnaces
Ceramic Oval Stirring Rod
Our Price: $13.62
Cuttlefish Bone Econo Extra-Long Wire Ingot Mold Electric Melter Furnace
Cuttlefish Bone
Our Price: $27.30
Ingot Mold - 124 Grams Ingot Mold - 310 Grams Kerr Automatic Maxi-Melt
Ingot Mold - 124 Grams
Our Price: $28.00
Ingot Mold - 310 Grams
Our Price: $30.03
Kerr Automatic Maxi-Melt
Our Price: $1,725.00
Quartz Stirring Rod Re-Cast It Sliding Ingot Mold
Quartz Stirring Rod
Our Price: $13.11
Re-Cast It
Our Price: $81.14
Sliding Ingot Mold
Our Price: $45.22
Small Wire Ingot Mold
Small Wire Ingot Mold
Our Price: $13.79