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A complete line of professional polishing tools, compounds and equipment for jewellers, mold & diemakers, aerospace, medical parts manufacturers, miniatures, restoration, and other precision industries.
Accessories Buffing Motors
Mandrels, holders, finger tape, finger cots, and other polishing necessities.
Baldor, Quatro, Foredom, and more.
Cloths & Gloves Compounds
Selvyt® cloths, gem cleaning & polishing cloths, rouge cloth, anti-tarnish cloth and the amazing 3M® High Performance Cloth.
Cutting and polishing compounds for the jeweller and metal worker.  Diamond compounds.  Simichrome.
Dust Collectors & Polishing Machines Felt Bobs & Sticks
Under-bench, benchtop, free standing, and high production models. Arbe, Quatro, Best-Built, Torit, Micro-Vac, and Vokes brands.
Mounted and unmounted felt bobs, felt sticks.
Hoods & Shields JoolTool System
Quatro and Arbe hoods for dust collectors. Gold saving hoods.  Hose, clamps and duct tape.
Award winning JoolTool finishes jewelry, sharpens and polishes gravers, chisels and other cutting tools, cuts and shapes turquoise and other stones.
Lapping Machines Spindles & Arbors
Split lapping machines for polishing flat surfaces and for keeping edges crisp and corners square.
Tapered spindles, straight arbors, and other tools holders for your buffing motor.
Wood Sticks & Bobs
Rockwood, pegwood, soft wood sticks, and wood bobs.