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Shop Bausch & Lomb, Eschenbach, GemOro and Gesswein brands from 2X to 20X. Jewellers loupes, lighted loupes, and pocket magnifiers.
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10X Diamond-Cut Triplet Loupes, 18mm Lens 10X LED and UV Illuminated Loupe 10X Triplet Loupe with Rubber Grip
B & L 5X Aspheric Pocket Magnifier, 36mm Lens B & L Coddington Loupes 10X, 14X, 20X, 1/2" to 1" Lens B & L Folding Pocket Magnifier 5X-21X
B & L Hastings Triplet Eye Loupe 10X B & L Hastings Triplet Loupes 7X, 10X, 20X, 1/2" to 3/4" Lens B & L Headband
B & L Headband
Our Price: $13.53
B & L Illuminated Pocket Coddington B & L Lens Magnifier, 3.5X, 40mm Lens B & L Lenscope 7X
B & L Premoistened Lens Cleaning Tissues B & L Single Lens Eye Loupes 4X-10X Donegan EZY-MAG EZ-875
Donegan EZY-MAG EZ-875
Our Price: $14.30
Donegan Magni-Pak Magnifiers Donegan Opti-Pak Magnifiers Eschenbach Aplanatic 10X Loupe, 23mm Loupe