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Plating Supplies
Anodes in copper, stainless, platinum, nickel, and silver. Pyrex and stainless beakers, thermometers, plating racks, hot plates, filtering materials and Stop-Off Lacquers.
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Umicore Platinum Anode Systems EarthGold Electrocleaner Anodes
Carbon Treatment Set for Cleaning Rhodium Electric Hot Plates Flexible Beaker Covers
Lead Wires Measuring Beakers & Cylinders Pyrex Beaker Covers
Pyrex Beakers Stainless Steel Beakers Stainless Steel Covers
Filter Paper Plastic Stirring Rod Jewelry Shield
Filter Paper
Our Price: $2.66
Plastic Stirring Rod
Our Price: $6.31
Jewelry Shield
Our Price: $6.95
Anode Nickle 1x6  24 Gauge Plating Thermometer Copper Work Wire
Anode Nickle 1x6 24 Gauge
Our Price: $10.15
Plating Thermometer
Our Price: $11.04
Copper Work Wire
Our Price: $21.03