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Gesswein offers lost wax casting supplies and equipment for small, medium and high-production shops.
Alloys & Grain Burnout Ovens
Alloys for karating down, manganese bronze casting grain, Re-Cast It alloy additive to restore fluidity.
Electric burnout ovens and programmable controllers.
Casting Kits Casting Machines
Small and medium size kits to get you started in casting.
Vacuum, centrifugal, and induction machines for casting gold, platinum, silver, palladium, stainless steel, more.
Crucibles Flasks & Bases
Machine crucibles, salamander crucibles, tongs and stirring rods.
Perforated and solid wall flasks, rubber sprue bases, sleeves and tape.
Investing Supplies Investment
Scales, mixers, vibrating tables, bell jars, rubber bowls, beakers, scoops, timers, and other investing necessities.
For silver, gold, platinum, palladium and stainless steel casting, class rings, and stone-in-place casting.
Investment Removal Metal Melting
Water blasting equipment.
Melting furnaces from KerrĀ® and Accu-Melt. Stirring rods, ingot molds, borax.  (For casting torches, see "Torches & Soldering".)
Mold Rubber & Supplies Sprue Cutters
Castaldo mold rubbers.  Mold knives & handles, mold clamps & vises, mold frames, mold release spray, talc, and mold cutting aids. Mold sprays.
Hand cutters with extra long handles to increase leverage, shears, pneumatic sprue cutters.
Steam Dewaxing Tongs
Steam removes wax from flasks prior to burnout for a cleaner burnout and a healthier atmosphere.
Flask and crucible tongs.
Vulcanizers Wax Carving Tools
Large and small vulcanizers, vulcanizing tools & supplies.
Hot and cold wax carving tools from Kerr, Matt, Ti-Research, PepeTools, and Wolf.
Wax Debubbling Wax Injectors
Protect your wax patterns from bubbles and nodules with surface tension reducing agents.
Low cost hand pumps, air-operated and vacuum wax injectors and state-of-the-art wax injection & clamping systems for high production shops. Wax injection tools & supplies.
Wax, Carving Wax, Injection
Carving waxes from Matt, Ferris, Wolf, Kerr and Ti-Research.
Injection waxes from Freeman, Ferris, Kerr, and Castaldo.
Wax, Sprue
Round and hexagonal sprue wax, wax wire.