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Debubbler Valve for Wax Injectors
Debubbler Valve for Wax Injectors

Our Price: $121.05

Item #: 260-3375

Are air bubbles ruining your waxes? This valve is the answer to your prayers. Attach it to your wax injector, hook up to your vacuum pump and vacuum out all the bubbles for perfect wax patterns.

  1. Important: make sure wax injector is on and wax is completely melted.
  2. Be sure the air compressor is off and there is no air already in the wax injector — remove the wax injector lid to be sure.
  3. Remove air gauge and replace with Debubbler Valve.
  4. Replace air gauge on top of Debubbler Valve. Make sure all connections are tight to prevent air leakage.
  5. Turn the yellow handle leading to air gauge to OFF position.*
  6. Attach your vacuum pump hose to the barbed fitting coming off the side of the Debubbler Valve.
  7. Turn your vacuum pump on and vacuum for about 2-3 minutes. When vacuuming is finished, close the vacuum inlet by turning the yellow on/off valve near the barbed fitting.*

* When the yellow handle is parallel to the valve (as shown in image at left), the valve is open. When the yellow handle is turned, the valve closes.

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