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Foredom Flex Shafts, Parts

Gesswein stocks the most commonly asked-for parts for both new and discontinued models of Foredom Flex Shafts.
Part# Description Fits Flex Shaft
S93 Inner Shaft CC, L, LB, LX, R, RB, S, SR, TX
S77 Outer Sheath CC, L, LB, R, RB, S, SR, TX
S96A Inner Shaft EE, GG
S80 Outer Sheath EE, GG
10804 Shaft & Sheath Assembly H
UA111P Motor Sheath Connector CC, S, R, RB, L, LB
MS10006 Shaft Grease All
MP119P Motor Brushes (pair) CC, S
MP117P Motor Brushes (pair) CC, EE, GG, R, RB
MP319P Motor Brushes (pair) TX, TXM, TXB, TXH, TXMH, TXBH (115V only)
LX, LXM, LXB, LXH, LXMH, LXBH (115 & 230V)
Discontinued L, LM, & LB (115 & 230V)
M.PGX and discontinued M.PG PowerGravers (115 & 230V)
MP132P Motor Brushes (pair) SRM, SRB, SRH, SRMH, SRBH
MP2019P Motor Brushes (pair) 1/8HP SR, SRM, & SRB -not the current 1/6HP models- (115 & 230V)
1/8HP S, SM, & SB (115 & 230V)
1/4HP H, HM, & HB (115 & 230V)
MP120 Brush Cap TX, TXH, LX, LXH, L, S, CC, and
1/8HP SR
MP227 Brush Cap F
MP2001 Brush Cap S
MP10283A Armature (110V) CC
UA105 Motor Bale CC, S, R, L, H

Item# Item Name Our Price Qty Add
850-3400 Foredom Flex Shaft & Sheath Assembly 10804
850-4120 Foredom Flex Shaft Brush Cap MP120
850-4127 Foredom Flex Shaft Brush Cap MP2001
850-4125 Foredom Flex Shaft Brush Cap MP227
850-4100 Foredom Flex Shaft Grease MS10006
850-2207 Foredom Flex Shaft Motor Bale UA105
850-4113 Foredom Flex Shaft Motor Brushes MP117P
850-4110 Foredom Flex Shaft Motor Brushes MP119P
850-4117 Foredom Flex Shaft Motor Brushes MP2019P
850-4119 Foredom Flex Shaft Motor Brushes MP319P
850-3395 Foredom Flex Shaft S93
850-3390 Foredom Flex Shaft S96A
850-2180 Foredom Flex Shaft UA111P Motor Connector
850-3010 Foredom Flex Sheath S77
850-3000 Foredom Flex Sheath S80
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